Fungal Toenail and Fingernails

Get your feet looking beautiful again with zero side effects and downtime.
GenesisPlus laser is specifically designed to treat fungal nails, it is the only laser with a temperature monitor and is up to 10 times more powerful than other podiatry lasers such as the Fox laser. 

"Having tried topical paints and medication with out success I had practically given up. I visited Advanced Podiatry and 3 treatments later, my nails are completely clear for the first time in 15 years!"

J. Johnson

The treatment

How does it work?

An Advanced Podiatrist will pass the laser over the nail, gently heating the nail plate and nail bed to a temperature between 42 and 46 degrees. 

How long does it take?

An average of 2-4, 40-60 minute sessions.

Why should I get Genesis Plus Laser Treatment?

  • Pain free
  • The only laser technology specifically designed to treat fungal nails
  • The only laser with a temperature monitor
  • Up to 10 times more powerful than other podiatry lasers such as the ARC Fox laser.


Single Nail Treatment

$40 for each additional nail, but capped at $300

Our results


Ready for healthy nails?

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We use the latest laser technology

Advanced Podiatry is one of a few clinics in Australia using the GenesisPlus laser. It is the most effective solution for treating fungal nails, stubborn warts and deep tissue pain.

GenesisPlus has been specifically designed by Cutera to effectively treat these usually difficult conditions. It is up to 10 times more powerful than other lasers such as the Fox and pinpoint laser and is the only laser that has a real time temperature monitor. This monitor safely ensures that the Podiatrist brings the temperature of the nail to a level that will kill the fungus. 

Podiatry clinics choose cheaper lasers. However, as a clinic focused on real results for our patients, it was clear to us that GenesisPlus was the undisputed choice.

Common questions

What results can I expect?

Advanced Podiatry has treated over 2,500 cases of fungal nails. We are the leading and most experienced podiatry clinic in this field. Our retrospective study shows a greater than 80% treatment success rate of this condition.

Is this treatment covered by health insurance?

The item number for laser podiatry treatment is F145. If you have private health insurance you may receive a rebate for the treatment.

How long does the procedure take?

An average of 40 - 60 minutes

What does the laser feel like?

The treatment doesn't hurt, it feels like your toe is warming in the sun. Sometimes near the end of the treatment you might feel a warm pinch.

We have over
25 years of experience.

Chris Gardner,

the founder of Advanced Podiatry, completed his Podiatry degree in 1986. 

He gained experience working in a number of multi-disciplinary practices and in 1988 commenced his own private practices which are conveniently located in Camberwell and Wheelers Hill.

He has special interest in nail and skin infections including fungal nails and plantar warts and has vast experience in the field of deep tissue pain, biomechanics and orthotic therapy. 

Chris has been a guest lecturer for 18 years to final year podiatry students at La Trobe University and has had the opportunity to lecture at both Victorian and National Podiatry Conferences.

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